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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

two things I forgot to say about yesterday

1.  We visited a rose garden.  It was beautiful under the arbor.  Across the street was a park.  The park has a big concrete slide, and people sit on cardboard to slide down it.  We watched the happy sliding people for a while.

Then M said there's a tunnel under the street, and we walked through the tunnel.  Wind blew through it, which I loved.  I loved being in the tunnel.

2.  When the cop took our IDs, he asked if either of us were on parole (I think--or was it probation?) and if either of us had been arrested.  We said no though both of us have been arrested.  We were both arrested, not at the same time, at the Nevada Test Site for civil disobedience.  When I was arrested, I was given a ticket which I never paid.  So as we waited for the cop to come back--he took our IDs to his car to run a check--I lay there wondering if I was about to be arrested, if there was a warrant out for me for never paying my ticket.  M and I held hands as we waited.

But when the cop came back, he handed our IDs back to us and said nothing about our arrests.  He said that lots of drunks come through that street and to park farther off the road and thanked us for cooperating.


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