dangerous compassions

this may be the night / our bodies fill with light

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

some Kronos Quartet tunes

This sounds like the soundtrack to a movie I don't want to watch.

food at the mela

At the mela we had delicious foods.  My favorite was something I'd never had before called rabri mal poora.  In the picture on the event menu, it looks like pancakes.  But they were not flat--they were more three dimensional.  More like dumplings.  And they were in an amazing sweet sauce.

Ming and I shared an order then he went back for more.

Also we liked the aloo tikki with chana.  We had never had that before either.  The aloo tikki is potato cutlets.  And the chana's just garbanzo beans.

Ming liked this thing I found strange: khaman dhokla.  It's cake-like yellow cubes made of fermented batter.  I didn't really like it.

Besides that we got some palak paneer that had a tomato-ness to it, unlike any palak paneer I'd had before.  It was delicious.  It came from India Palace, a restaurant we haven't been to yet.

The rabri mal poora came from Origin India, as did the aloo tikki.  I want to go to Origin India soon.

Monday, May 04, 2015


Last night I went to a Vipassana meditation group meetup at a library.  The guy who runs it talked a lot.  But I had a great time meditating for half an hour.  So maybe I'll go back.

I'm searching.  Nothing feels quite right.

Then we went to this utterly fantastic art show that's at the same library.  The art is amazing.  It's about death and GPS and the night sky and human bodies.  I liked it amazingly much.  Ming liked it too.  It ends May 9th.

Then we went into the library and looked at movies.

Then we went to this Indian-Pakistani place called Shalimar for dinner.  The food was good, but the atmosphere was lacking.

Today our car is in the shop because the blower stopped working.  I talked to my dad on the phone.  He said it might be the blower motor, and it was.  So we will be $167 lighter when the mechanic is done.

I made asparagus fried rice for lunch.  It was delicious, but I should have put a dash of cayenne pepper.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

cow's tongue and purple pancake

chocolate factory, cactus garden, roadrunner

This afternoon our friend C who is staying here asked for a ride to Henderson.  So we took him out to Henderson, and then Ming was like, "Is there anywhere else you want to go?"  For years I'd wanted to go to the chocolate factory.

So we went to the chocolate factory.  They have a cactus garden too.  They were great.  We got a chocolate sample and bought some sunflower seeds--the kind you plant.  We looked at lots of desert plants.  It was kind of hot, but some of the cactuses are in bloom.

Oh, and we saw a roadrunner!  We watched lizards and strolled.  We liked the pencil cholla, the purple pancake cactus, and the saguaro skeletons.  I thought the big bushy Mormon tea looked untidy, but Ming liked it.

party like it's 1999

Later I found two forgotten tickets in my pocket.  So we went back to St James and bought some cookies.  I got peanutbutter while Ming got oatmeal raisin.

Then we went to a party--it was at the house of a friendly couple Ming and I know through NDE.  We met some characters there, including an old French woman who spoke quietly in the loud room, a weaver who makes art dolls and gave us her business card, a woman who said she wasn't smart but had good ideas.*  We stayed a couple hours and ate a lot of sugar.  We left when some obnoxious drunk people got too loud.

*She said to fill a water bottle halfway and freeze it, then add water to that and your water will be cold for hours.  And she said to always bring water with you wherever you go and keep a case in your car for emergencies, never to get caught without water.

I've noticed hollyhocks around town.  Maybe they like the heat.  I'm afraid we're missing tomato time.

"When are you supposed to plant them?" I asked Ming.

"R's already got two tomatoes in the backyard," Ming said.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

gender trouble

This morning we served then bought juice.  I needed decaf Constant Comment, but the store we went to (our best bet) didn't have any!  Arg!

So we came home and ate breakfast and I ordered some online from this herb company in Korea.

But I bought this cherry flavored tea and am drinking some right now.  It tastes like Kool-Aide without the sugar, which is great.

After breakfast, we went to St James for this fest they were having.  I wanted to see the books at the book sale.  We ended up buying Ming a pair of shorts as well.  And we ate rice & beans, drank strawberry horchata, and ate some potatoes and corn.

Sorry this is turning into a list.

1.  serving
2.  store
     a.  juice
     b.  tea frustration
3.  internet shopping
     a.  tea satisfaction
4.  St James
     a.  books
     b.  shorts
     c.  foods
          i.  rice & beans
          ii.  horchata
          iii.  potatoes
          iv.  corn

Then I read upcoming events listings on the library website and found a soap making workshop in June that Ming and I want to attend.  She was fine with me signing up, but when Ming wanted to sign up, she acted like we were weird.  Is there something wrong with a man making soap?  Is that it?

Friday, May 01, 2015


We went to the May Day march.  I carried a sign about trans lives mattering.  We saw some friends and heard good speeches, not too long and not too many.  We chanted and marched--I only lasted a short distance, in the heat and flip flops.  But I'm glad we went.  It was all very heartening.

A journalist for the Las Vegas Review Journal briefly interviewed me.  I'm afraid I had nothing insightful to say and don't trust journalists anyway.  She took my picture too.

We estimate there were 175 people.  One of the speeches was entirely in Spanish.

Que queremos?
Cuando la queremos?


May Day

This morning we served the hungry.  Nothing weird happened.  I'm always afraid a pigeon's going to bean me.

Today's excitement is that a friend's coming over for lunch.  I'm making broccoli soup.  I want to make baba ganoush too.  But I think I lost my lemon.  And those two dishes don't really go together, do they.

Today's other excitement is the May Day parade at 4:30.  But it's going to be hot.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Today Ming went on a tour of the Nevada National Security Site, aka the test site.  Ming went with a few United Statesians, but mostly a bus full of Japanese.  I didn't want to go because it's an all day thing and I'd be stuck in the bus for hours and hours with very emotional subject matter.

So I spent the day with friends.  We served the hungry, peace vigiled at the federal building, had a poetry group meeting, ate lunch, and baked banana bread.  It was fun.

Now I'm home alone drinking cold brew blackberry green tea.

We sprouted some garbanzo beans, and I learned the trick that that only need 24 hours--12 hours soak, 12 hours sprout.  I tried a few and they're good.  I want to make hummus out of them.  It will be my first time making a raw hummus.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

more of an idea than a blog post

more of an idea than a song

for you

On one of the beets we picked yesterday, I saw a green thing.  "Oh look," Ming said.  I thought it would be a bug.  But it was a piece of green glass stuck to the skin of the beet.

This morning I was handing out bread at the soup line.  Ming went to help someone old serve soup, so I was alone.  Someone touched a piece of bread, and another person told him, "Don't touch the bread!"

"Why don't you mind your own business?" the other guy replied.  It didn't escalate too bad.

Someone outside is whistling.  I wrote a poem yesterday.  And that's a nice jumble of facts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

farm time

sweet beets

Last night I had the chills again--maybe I had another fever.  But then I slept about 12 hours and woke up feeling great.

We went to Gillcrease Farm with friends for apricots and greens, but they didn't have apricots today.  We picked enough greens for the soup line.  And we picked some beets too.

So then we came home and I cooked up the beet greens and roasted the beets and made pesto pasta salad while friends fixed our swamp cooler.  It was all very good, especially the beets, which were sweet.

Monday, April 27, 2015

museum ceiling



Last night we went to Govinda House for the Sunday night bhakti fest.  I liked the chanting but not the talk.  And the food was good.  Is it worth sitting through the talk for the chanting and the food?

I want to try out this meditation group at the library on Sunday afternoons and see if that suits me better.  But Ming will just fall asleep.

This morning Ming is at Jiffy Lube.  The Echo was overdue.  I hung the clean laundry on the line, wrote my bestie a letter.

Our friend left at 3:30 this morning so we have the house to ourselves again.

Yesterday friends fixed our swamp cooler.  It needed a new motor.  Tomorrow they fix the house's other swamp cooler.  It's a good thing because it's supposed to hit 97 on Thursday.

I'm still sick but in fine spirits.  Yesterday we took photos for Wave Goodbye to Nukes day and visited our friend C at the Goddess Temple.  She served us cake!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

waving goodbye to nukes

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger here again. We just returned from a rained out Vaisakhi Mela. The Indian food was delicious and the dancing great before we had to run and escape through the falling cold sleet.

Before then was a Nevada Desert Experience Council meeting that was successful, though I volunteered for one too many things.

Other than that we are settling in to Las Vegas spending the last month getting things done that will help our stay in the state of Nevada. We received our Nevada state driver's licenses, made medical type appointments, and been cleaning this residence out of a number of years of accumulated stuffs. We also have been creating storage space in the shed to store the Sacred Peace Walk equipment and other event items.

Tomorrow we are waving bye to Nuclearism in the GlobalWave2015 at the NNSS. I hope to post pics.

Friday, April 24, 2015

home pics

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I'm sick at a Starbux waiting for Ming to get help with his health insurance options from a friend of a friend. Not only am I sick, but my warmness smells disgusting because it was in the trunk with Ming's nasty new offgassing gloves. My nose runs--I sneeze. My throat hurts. My left ear feels weird. I have a feeling of unreality. I belong in bed, but I'll be there soon. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

catholic worker chickens


Printers are a pita.  I wanted to type, "I've been wrestling with my printer today," but I felt I had already typed that sentence too many times, for this blog. 

I'm trying to print a calendar for next year.  Something is erring.  We tried many fixes to no avail.

This morning serving was pretty good.  Someone put her bag on my bread, which sucked.  Otherwise it was great.  J asked me how I was doing, and I said wonderful.  In that moment I was wonderful.

I gave J one of my zines, then another--she loves them.  I feel appreciated.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

power failure

Last night I lost all my energy.  I napped then slept for an amazing amount of hours.  So we didn't make it to the open mic after all.

This evening I cook for community dinner.  Should be tasty.  I'm making enchiladas, rice, beans from a can, and Ming is in charge of salad.

Ming's trying to throw things away that have accumulated in this house for many years.  I need to save my spoons for this evening's cooking session.  Luckily we already did the shopping.  I need to do some horrid shit like go to the welfare office.  But today's not the day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

queer food

Today we went to the LGBTQ center.  We wanted to check and see if the open mic was there tonight, and we heard there was a vegan cafe.

The place was really nice, and our food was delicious.  We got a sandwich called the Woop-Woop as well as some babaganoush and a peanutbutter snickerdoodle.  I didn't really care for the babaganoush which lacked creaminess.  But everything else was great.

Not everything was vegan, but the workers were attentive and kind and helpful.  Flirty, even.

Before that we went to the Food Not Bombs serving to hang out with friends.  We talked about all sorts of events.

The apricots we picked on Saturday are ripe now, and they smell wonderful and taste good too with some tartness.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

happy earth day

what Ming dug

to the desert

This morning I cooked up most of the kale we harvested yesterday and we're eating it in breakfast burrito form.  As for the apricots, they're still hard as rocks.

I love cold brew tea.  In fact I'm starting to get uppity about it, like it's superior to hot brew tea.

Yesterday I finished a poem about my ex-therapist.  In June I'll open the letter she wrote me.  I like the time delay.

Today's Earth Day celebration at the goddess temple so we'll go out there.  I like the drive out to the desert.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

today at the farm

Friday, April 17, 2015


Somehow we made it home. Today M dug fossils!  Pics to follow. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

great salt lake