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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

apricot refigerator jam

We made refrigerator jam this morning, and it seems to have set!  We followed this recipe, pretty much, but halved it.


And we didn't can it--we just poured it into jars and let them cool on the counter and put them in the fridge.  It made about a pint and a third of apricot jam.

(I was alarmed by how much the Pomona's Universal Pectin costs at the co-op, but I guess that's the price you gotta pay for low sugar.  And I was surprised by how much organic frozen apple juice concentrate costs at the co-op too--more than $4!  Maybe I'm stuck in the past.)

Here are my notes for next time.

Wash, pit, finely chop apricots.
Three cups in pan with 1/4 cup lemon juice.
Add four tsp calcium water.
In a separate pan:
one cup apple concentrate--boil.
Add 3 tsp pectin and blend well.
Boil apricot mixture.
Add apple juice mixture to apricot mixture.
Return to boil and remove from heat.

Calcium water: half tsp calcium powder in half cup water.


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