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Thursday, July 04, 2013

weird stuff lately

cooling station
1.  Yesterday I was picking up a book at McKinley Library and noticed a cooling station inside the community building.  I had never seen one before, so I stopped in, thinking there would be water, and there was.  I had to print my name on a piece of yellow ruled paper, then drank some water from a Starbucks cup.  "Is this food for anyone?" I asked about the granola bars and chips.  They said yes, so I took a bag of Fritos.

asshole at Starbucks
2.  We were waiting for Farbod to call us back about a bookshelf we were trying to buy from him.  He was late calling me back.  We went to the Safeway and had Starbucks coffee because Ming's former relative gave him $25 credit.  It was SO HOT outside.  The sweat was pouring off my body as if my body was crying.  But we cooled down in the small Starbucks that's in that Safeway.  Some asshole was on the phone talking to his friend.  He wore white converse and a wallet chain.  He was talking about a woman he likes, but he seemed to hate her.  He was saying she won't return his calls and told him not to call, so he's just going to show up.  I wanted to tell him to leave her the f alone, but I was too chicken.  He was wearing horrible cologne too.

moving back to Iran
3.  We bought the bookshelf from Farbod and paid him the $20, which was a good price for the six foot bookshelf in good condition.  Thanks, craigslist.  F was selling his furniture because he was moving back to Iran because his dad died.  He didn't know how long he'd be there.  We'd planned to disassemble the bookshelf, but instead we left it intact and had it slightly hanging out the back.  We passed a cop on the way home, but he didn't trouble us.

murder one apartment complex over
4.  At 6 this morning we went to the truck, which we had left parked on the street for the purpose of getting out the bookshelf.  A woman was standing on the sidewalk and started talking to us.  I was getting a letter out of the truck to send my bestie AL.  The woman was talking quietly and was missing teeth.  She asked Ming if he saw anything last night.  There was terrible yelling and fighting last night, which I did my best to sleep through.  Ming said no, we heard things but didn't see anything.  The woman told us someone was murdered there.  "He died last night--he died last night," she said.

going to hell
5.  Ming and I walked to the post office so I could send my letter, and on the way home there were two guys near the church where we go to food giveaway.  One told the other, "You're going to hell for what you did," then something else I couldn't understand.

What the heck!  Too many weird things.  I want to just stay home and avoid all this.


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