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Sunday, December 01, 2013

today's the day

Good morning.  I have been having a wonky sleep schedule, and I don't know if I should let it be or rage.  I was falling asleep before 7 last night and up just after 4.  It's not in line with the sleep habits of the people around me, but maybe I should give myself a break.

This morning I was like, what do I do now that national novel writing month is over?  I have this spare energy and need a new project.  Any ideas?  I have the Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine Anthology project that I set aside.  Maybe I should pick it back up.

Today's the day to clean up because parents are coming home from their vacation.  Today's the day to clean out the fridge and clean the bathroom and sweep the floor.  And bake a cake.

Last night I sang Ming the "If I knew you were coming I'd of baked a cake" song.  He's known about the idea but not the song.

And that's all as of 5:20 am.


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