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Saturday, April 12, 2014

three day day

Yesterday we vigiled early and visited the goddess temple briefly to scope out our camping spot.  We visited the priestess too.  Then we drove back to Las Vegas, which last night I was calling in my head Lost Vegas.

Then we grocery shopped at Costco, more food than I'd ever bought, and it was extraordinarily taxing.  Making all those decisions.  It was good too.

Then I made lunch for me and Ming and our friend T, who has an awesome attitude and washed dishes.

Then we brought our new friend from Amsterdam with us to grocery shop at Trader Joe's, but we got a call saying the people who got arrested in the morning were now freed, and could we pick some up?  So it was hard to find the jail and then find where the ex-prisoners actually were.

We eventually made it to Trader Joe's, but it was very hot and BOB doesn't have air conditioning.  We suffered.  We couldn't have both the windows rolled down because the passenger side window doesn't roll down more than an inch.

And we shopped more.  The TJ didn't have bagged organic apples, so we got about 30 apples loose. 

"Do you have a drinking fountain?" I asked the worker.  I'd drunk all my water.

Then I made pesto pasta salad with moz cheese, small not that good tomatoes, and delicious kalamata olives.  And I sauteed some asparagus with lemon.  So we had that and a salad T made.  It had avocado in it and was very good.

Then we had a small meeting that was good but I had already been lying down and was spaced out almost maximum.  I had a hard time focusing. 

Then we went to sleep.  It was about a three day day.


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