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Sunday, April 12, 2015

lip balm joy

I needed some lip balm or something to keep my lips from getting so dry they split.  The desert!  I need to learn how to be a desert dweller.

So I thought I could put some coconut oil in a little dish and put some on my lips every morning and night and maybe that would work.  First I thought olive oil--then I changed my mind to coconut oil.

But then we went to the farmers market this morning and I got some shea butter with almond oil salve that I can use on my lips.  It's lovely.  It's in a little glass jar.

Then I went to the Hawaiian guy and got some lip balm from him that has these great Hawaiian stuffs in it.  It smells like mint and oregano, which is nice.

I am so happy now my lips will be well.  I was going to settle for some nasty storebought stuff but there was no need to compromise.


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