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Monday, April 20, 2015

queer food

Today we went to the LGBTQ center.  We wanted to check and see if the open mic was there tonight, and we heard there was a vegan cafe.

The place was really nice, and our food was delicious.  We got a sandwich called the Woop-Woop as well as some babaganoush and a peanutbutter snickerdoodle.  I didn't really care for the babaganoush which lacked creaminess.  But everything else was great.

Not everything was vegan, but the workers were attentive and kind and helpful.  Flirty, even.

Before that we went to the Food Not Bombs serving to hang out with friends.  We talked about all sorts of events.

The apricots we picked on Saturday are ripe now, and they smell wonderful and taste good too with some tartness.


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