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Monday, August 10, 2015

to do

Yesterday I didn't want to serve the hungry so Ming went to Food Not Bombs without me.  I wrote letters at the cafe in the gay center.  They kicked out a homeless person and I worried they would kick me out too, for writing too long as my vegan tomato soup got cold.

I want to start wearing sunscreen again so I got some SPF 15 from Trader Joe's that's intended for the face.  I really should have worn some on the trip.  I'm afraid of getting skin cancer on my arms especially.  I want to go to a dermatologist and get everything checked out.  I need to figure out how.

My to do list is shrinking.  Ming's setting up the tent so he can hose it off and let it dry out before he packs it back up again.

Someone in New Zealand messaged me asking for some zines for a traveling show and then a zine museum.  I will go to the postie today.


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