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Sunday, November 15, 2015

for every little girl who throws out her Easy Bake oven, there's a little boy hoping to find one

This morning we went to a punk picnic.  We heard someone play bagpipes.  Others played mandolin, violin, and ukulele.  I ate two cookies and tolerated dogs.  Ming and I kicked a ball back and forth to one another, which we had never done before.  So that was momentous.

Someone was selling field mice skulls she had obtained from owl pellets.  She's the one who baked the cookies.

Then we went to a Catholic Worker visioning meeting.  It was okay, sometimes intense, but it all resolved.  Then we went to El Salvadorian food.  We had a good time talking about the toys we liked as kids then manners.  A friend who I love and I roleplayed how to light a lady's cigarette.  It made me laugh, but that was intense too.

The power went out at the Worker house, there's a marathon right now, it started to rain and is extremely windy.  Our friend JR is over, but I think we're going to kick him out soon.


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