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Monday, November 02, 2015

mystery cats

A friend is going to court today, and Ming is driving him and being supportive.  They just left.  The friend's kid is going too.

Lately I've been getting up with arm pain about midnight and taking pretend advil and staying up an hour.  It's okay.

I got this purple glitter tape that's pretty.  But I'm not much using it.  Writing fewer letters now that I can't handwrite well.  It helps to write big and slow.  I'm like a kid again.

I realized I'm not doing National Novel Writing Month this year.  It's November.

One of our cats is named Nonchalant.  I'm trying to figure out which.  They are outdoor cats. I know Wally, Rainbow, and Tiger.  There's the white cat that's really skittish.  I think she's just called the white cat.  An orange one I don't remember just passed through the courtyard.  Mystery cats.


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