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Monday, May 23, 2016


Yesterday I survived the super-social day and ever had spoons for the punk picnic. We saw this great folk punk band perform--their name is Chencho and they are from LA.  We bought their cd and got a patch and free stickers too.


This demo lacks one of the two singers.  I think the other singer adds a lot.  I liked her very much.  So that's unfortunate.

I like how their songs have movements.  I like songs with different parts.  Seems more complex and interesting that way.  It makes them seem longer too.

The picnic had too many dogs for us.  Sometimes they played and I was afraid of them playing near me.

Ming has done a wonderful thing.  He's put a cooler and a paper grocery bag in the special place on our kitchen floor which is the place we put things for a trip before we load them in the car.  I can put some snacks I like into the paper bag and we will be one step more ready for our Wyoming trip.


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