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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Terry's Bison Ranch

This morning we went to the hospital where my mom was born.  I was overjoyed, and Ming took a picture.

Then we went to the Cheyenne botanic gardens but couldn't see inside the greenhouses--they were closed.  Actually we only found one greenhouse.  There was loud construction going on and loud music for the workers.  But we walked the labyrinth while listening to "Sweet Home Alabama."

Then we went to Terry's Bison Ranch where we rode a homemade train around the ranch and saw a herd of bison, including some babies.  It was amazing.  We had bison food pellets for them, and we took turns feeding the bison by hand.  It was like feeding a cow by hand.

The other people on the train were cowboys and a cowgirl and they asked really good questions of the tourguide, questions we would never have known to ask.  They were a blessing.  They were coming back in the summer to help with the rodeo.

The homemade trains were fun.  The one we rode made a lot of noise, so the tourguide had to yell to be heard over it.  We made a quick dip into Colorado.  The ranch is huge.

I liked when we were feeding the bison and were stopped for a long time.  I sat by the open window, close to the bison, and was blissed out.  They used to be my favorite animal, other than human beings, but I don't know what my favorite animal is anymore.  "That was like a religious experience," I told Ming as we walked away.

So I don't know if that was the highlight of the trip.  It's 100% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.  There's an indoor pool and Ming went swimming last night.  Maybe he'll swim again.


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