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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Guest Blogger here on a busy weekend

Guest Blogger here today.

We have had a busy weekend.

Yesterday while Laura-Marie stayed away from the event (of her choosing), I traveled to Guadalupe, CA, then traveled to outside Vandenberg AFB to be there with the group Vandenberg Witness and members of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker on the event of the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. There were about twenty of us holding signs and banners demonstrating against the military. Four protesters decided to get arrested for trespassing in the cause of resistance to the base.

Laura-Marie wanted at least one of us to be there in honor of Guadalupe Catholic Worker Dennis Apel and his efforts to resist the base. He is currently in prison for protesting at Vandenberg AFB. While there in prison he has been writing a column for the local paper on prison conditions that he is experiencing.

Today was a fiesta picnic with family members in a park. It was fun interacting with members of Laura-Marie's family of origin though we left early such that I would not get too narcolepsy tired on the drive back.

I finally finished writing the thank you notes for donors to Nevada Desert Experience. Many donated and contributed in response to our latest appeal to our supporters. Laura-Marie's appeal letter generated over $3K for our programs for peace and a better world. To some donors I specified that their contribution would be helping produce the Sacred Peace Walk 2017 or Justice for our Desert 2016.


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