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Friday, June 02, 2017


So much has happened, I'm like, how can that much have happened?

1.  Eileen and the In-Betweens concert where Ming and I danced and I got to sing along with one of my favorite songs "Bernadette"
2.  made rice and lentils and mushrooms for ten people with lotsa leftovers
3.  slept
4.  friend drama to the extreme
5.  grocery shopped for parties
6.  farmer's market for brioche and apricots and olive bread and social contact
7.  printshop for thank you note postcards
8.  cleaned house
9.  peace vigiled at the federal building
10.  care for self and others

Remind me not to do this much stuff.  Oh, but tonight's the second concert.  I will again dance and hopefully again get to sing with "Bernadette."


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