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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Gandhi movie, patience oats, the Devil's Pause

Ming proofread the visioning meeting notes I typed up.  We fixed a few things.  Then I submitted them to the group.

Pagan Pride was ok.  R said he would come at 3 to help and never showed or txted / called.  He's going through his own stuff.

Yesterday I txted with my friend M for a couple hours.  Felt good to connect with him like that.  We talked about his deep dark stuff.

Today I get to rest a lot.  Ming's going to a Gandhi movie.  I have nothing on my agenda.  I'm cooking up the steel cut oats that take half an hour--they were given to me.

I wanted to tell you--when you're at a red light waiting and the light turns green and cars pass through the intersection and then the light turns yellow and red and you didn't get to go--when you have to wait through a fruitless cycle--that's called the Devil's Pause.  We've been calling it that and it's fun to have a name for it.


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