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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I got really sad again yesterday afternoon, I think because I sold the Echo to the junkyard and it's gone.  Somehow cars relate to my dad, so I felt like I was saying goodbye to my dad, for the 50th time, and it gets old.  I was all griefy.

Death is a bear.

This morning Ming is hiking.  There's community lunch.  In the evening is a public comment meeting about the Air Force wanting to take more land, this time the Sheep Mountains.  Ming is going to comment.  As for me, it's not my thing, and I feel it's hopeless anyway, a sham.  Sorry.

So last night we bought the minivan and tomorrow Ming has a DMV appt to register it.  It's kind of fancy, compared to the Echo--power windows, etc.  More things to break.  Or when they break, more complicated to fix.  We brought our friend R with us.  He noticed it was out of coolant.  Otherwise looks great.


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