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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger here again. Our hero is resting up from her recent hospitalization. You know how you enter a hospital real sick and exit it feeling better but not well. She is working on feeling well.

She has been writing a lot of letters.

I am now cooking the majority of the meals and doing the usual cleanup. In kind turn, she created text for me for the deesclation training.
I am super excited that the De-escalation training that has been in the works and planning is finally coming to fruition and is happening March 2nd at 10am to 1pm .
She and a couple of friends have solidified this project of mine, gratefully.
The Las Vegas location is set and ready.

Last night's LVRMHC meeting that was also a Get Off Your Chest open mic was a success. People also had feedback that the Craig Lewis talk of the LVRMHC was informative and successful.


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