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Friday, April 13, 2012

red yucca

This morning we served with Catholic Worker again. I washed dishes in the huge three-sink sink. I added some salt to some salad for a volunteer with messy hands from mixing. We did prayer, and this one was about sin a lot. I am not that into sin and purity, but I'll say The Lord's Prayer.

Then I got a pink apron and we went to the vacant lot where we feed people. This time instead of dishing hot food, I was pouring cold tea. I was pouring into styrofoam cups but also into the people's own bottles, so I had to be careful not to let my pitcher touch their bottles. I dipped my pitcher into a huge pot of iced tea over and over again.

I said a lot of good mornings. I was asked a lot of "How are you?"s and I was replying "fine" then "good" then "great" so I guess the service improved my mood.

Then we went to lunch with M's friend K. We went to Thai food. I had vegetarian green curry and a little bit of some garlic fried rice. The food was very good. K has a lot of energy and was full of words. I was even quieter than usual, feeling sleepy.

Then we went to a botanic garden on the campus of UNLV. I was tired to the point of stupor. But I saw some good plants.


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