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Monday, April 09, 2012

sunrise ceremony

This morning we got up at 3:40 to drive to Peace Camp for a sunrise ceremony. There was drumming, and we offered tobacco in the fire. We spoke from our hearts. I began to cry--I was feeling a strange mixture of feelings related to child victims of nuclear tragedies, our proximity to the Nevada Test Site, the Sacred Peace Walk being over, and my own life issues. I cried more, and my nose was running. The sun came up.

My favorite part is when we all hug one another. I used to find it creepy to hug people I didn't know, and now it's normal. You can communicate a lot of warmth hugging someone even if you don't know them. Suddenly you know them, or sort of know them. Maybe you know the best part.

Then we went to the line at the Nevada Test Site and vigiled for a while. It was only the three of us--me and M and Pegasus. I carried a banner, and M carried a sign as well as a stick with many, many paper cranes. Pegasus carried a sign that says, "Jesus says love your enemies. What does your church say?" I like that one.

A few more people joined us. We went to the line and talked to a cop. Some of us took a picture with the cop. Pegasus wished the cops a happy Easter.

Then we left and went to breakfast at the casino. I ate food that was decidedly not vegan. I liked to sit at a table together though M and Pegasus have lots to talk about that I don't know about. I enjoy listening.

Then we went to the Las Vegas Zine Library. It was fun to show M the Zine Yearbook that has a functionally ill excerpt in it. He also read an essay I have in issue one of Fat-tastic. I felt vulnerable but happy.

Then we were back at the Friary where M and I listened to this mix cd I made him back in January before he went to Wyoming. I gave him background on the songs, and it was fun.


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