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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

garden news

Did I already tell you we looked at the nursery for a pasilla or poblano chile plant?  They didn't have any.  But yesterday we were at a grocery store, and I asked if M wanted to make chiles rellenos again, and he said yes because we had all the ingredients other than chiles, and so we bought two.  It was 76 cents.  Then we realized we could plant the seeds from one of the chiles, but if we roasted the chiles while the seeds were still inside, we might damage the seeds, so we went back into the grocery store for one more chile.  It was 42 cents.

Then we went to the garden and planted the seeds!  I hope some germinate and grow for us. We planted them on a mound.

I realize that this blog is quickly becoming All About M's Garden.  I hope you're enjoying it, reader.  Maybe you like plants as much as I do.


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