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Saturday, May 12, 2012

purple pepper

This morning was a workday at Fremont Community Garden.  We got there early and started working on the compost.  It's necessary to move it from bin to bin, and it's passed through a screen before going into the final bin.  So M shoveled and I passed the compost through the screen.  It was fun.

We did other stuff too, like someone was giving away strawberry plants and I planted some in M's plot.  I planted them around the area where we hacked at the lavender last week.  We made space for something good.

Then we went to a nursery and bought some basil and two kinds of bell peppers.  I'm feeling very fond of the plant that will produce purple ones.  I looked for pasilla or poblano plants, but there were none.

Then we went to Insight Coffee for a Second Saturday event.  I tabled with functionally ill 13 and Demonstrators on Roadway, 25 MPH.  We talked to people we know.

Then we went back to the garden to plant the two peppers and six basils.  We tried to figure out good planting places.  I asked if it was bad form to plant a pepper where the My Plant tomato plant was planted but ended up in the belly of a slug.  M said it was not bad form, so we planted it there, and I hope it thrives.


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