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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Phono Select

Today M and I went to Phono Select where we looked at zines.  We also went to Sugar Plum Vegan for taco Tuesday.  We got potato tacos and liked them.  We went to Rick's Dessert Diner too.  It was my first time.

Also we went to a Mexican market near city college for pasilla chiles to make chiles rellenos with.  When we were in Las Vegas and went to Mexican markets together, I was so happy, and I can't describe to you how happy I was to be in a Mexican market with M again.  Someone came up to us and explained in Spanish how M couldn't be there with his backpack on.  So he went to the front.  We bought the chiles rellenos ingredients (not vegan). 

Things I told M today: I like walnuts in my cereal.  My ex-husband had a tie dyed teeshirt that said "love" all over it, and I would go up to him singing "All you need is love" and point to the loves when the song goes, "Love, love, love."  I google myself.  Yes, I got stressed out when he got angry near the trashcans.

Tonight I wanted to go to a reading by my acquaintance Melanie Thorne at the nearby mall--she has a new book out.  But Erik didn't want to go, and instead of driving myself there, I went to sleep.  I guess I needed it.  Erik woke me up to fold the laundry, and I resisted.   

Now Erik's doing yoga and I'm blogging.  My main distro is asking for more of my zines but I am running out of functionally ill 9 and should have done inventory before our Berkeley trip--oops.


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