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Thursday, June 07, 2012


Yesterday our friend came over to put contact paper in our kitchen drawers with us.  She brought a box of contact paper with her.  I decided I wasn't very skilled at this, but I'm glad I tried.  For lunch I made us some tasty food which I shouldn't actually take credit for because the beans were from a can, the guacamole was just mashed avocado with green salsa, the tortillas came from a package.  But it was delicious.

Today I have organic raspberries.  M said it's a good way to drink water, and I said, "Fairy cups."

I've been making rice & lentils, a dish I love.  A few days ago I made it with mostly chili powder, and today for lunch I made it with mostly garam masala.  I prefer the latter, but M said he likes them both the same.  We have lemons, so I put in some lemon juice each time.

Yesterday we voted by turning in our absentee ballots.  I got an "I voted" sticker, which I didn't wear, and the design is new.

So much to do and feel.  Two gardens to water, laundry, dishes, SAT scoring.  Last night M picked me some sage flowers which I have in a vase at my computer.  Maybe I'll show you a picture.


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