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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

four minute party

Last night I saw my friend K for tea.  She had ginger coffeecake for us, which she baked herself.  She also had nutritional yeast popcorn.  Both were delicious.  And I drank peppermint tea.  The conversation was good.

Then we went to a party where I lasted about four minutes.  I was chatting with E last night and told him the name of my next book will be Four Minute Party.

This morning we went to old town.  I had been to the train museum before but not its gift shop.  So I bought some gorgeous postcards.  One of them looks like this.

Then we walked around old town.  We ate free taffy from a candy shop.  We ate free mini-donuts from the mini-donut shop. 

Then we went to the farmers market at Cesar Chavez park.  We bought organic grapes, pluots, apples.  We bought pea greens.

They had purslane for sale!

To get totally out of order...here is a beautiful bee pic Ming took yesterday at our garden.

And our potato harvest.

We protested yesterday afternoon and the week before.  Here are the people on the other street corner--I love the "No torture No drones" sign.

Finally I leave you with a picture I took outside the train museum gift shop after Ming pointed out to me the way someone fixed a hole.


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