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Thursday, December 06, 2012

free breakfast

This morning at free breakfast they gave us bean and cheese burritos.  I'd never had burritos there before.  They have been playing Christmas music lately, and it leads to a festive atmosphere.  Today two tables sang "Jingle Bells" together, and I smiled. 

Also, lately if you ask for oatmeal instead of cold cereal, they take a huge container of dry oatmeal and scoop out a portion into your tray, add hot water, and a few days ago I was offered cinnamon but today was not.

There's sugar but they don't keep it out--you have to ask for it and get two packets.  Sweet&Low is kept out, and Splenda--yuck.  On the sign saying you have to ask for sugar, there's something about being healthy and a picture of a bag of sugar with an anti sign over it. 

I asked for hot water today for my tea and asked for sugar because I wanted some for my oatmeal, but then I ended up putting cranberry sauce in my oatmeal.  They had cranberry sauce in the toast area instead of jam.

So I have these two packets of sugar and don't know what to do with them.


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