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Sunday, February 10, 2013

fiber arts fun

Yesterday we went to the craft store to buy earring making stuff.  It's overstimulating there, and I'm always happy to leave.  But I got some gorgeous beads and findings and a tool I need. 

So afterward we went for a walk at McKinley Park, and by chance there was a weaving show there.  I loved seeing the baskets people had made.  I loved looking at the woven tea towels. (I have a thing for tea towels.)  I liked seeing the clothes people had made.  I was not so into the looms.  I shyly appreciated seeing the people spin with the spinning wheels, something I don't remember ever seeing before.

But the highlight of the trip was a visit with Franco Rios, a DIY fiber arts person.  He showed us a cardboard spinning wheel he'd designed and made himself using less than $5 worth of materials.  It sort of looks like a record player.  He was spinning wool into yarn there.

He talked to us about finger weavings he likes to do on the bus and showed us a beautiful red and white one.  He showed us a bag making project he was doing using synthetic yarns.  It was a pleasure to talk with him, and he told us he has the design for his cardboard spinning wheel on the internet, which I think is a very good deed, that he'll share his design with the world.

So here's his blog, which I'm still exploring myself.



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