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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday as we demonstrated against the war, I held a HONK FOR PEACE sign for the first time.  I was embarrassed to be holding a sign with an imperative sentence on it, but I loosened up as the hour passed.  I was heartened by the people who honked and made eye contact with me and nodded or gave me a thumbs up.

But there seemed to be more flak than usual--someone yelled, "Peace doesn't pay the bills," which gave me food for thought.  I wondered if he was a military person and was talking about his own bread and butter?  Or war in general being good for the economy, as most people believe?  Or did he mean paying the bills in a more...metaphorical way, like peace isn't action?  I wonder.

Then I sold some cds at a music store and got $1.50, which was okay.


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