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Saturday, March 16, 2013

how to depress yourself / how to happify yourself

This morning we went to the free clinic where I get my prescriptions.  The doctor I saw two weeks ago made a mistake writing my prescription, so the pharmacy rejected it, and I needed to get it fixed. 

We went for a walk as we waited, and I liked being in a different neighborhood than usual.  We saw a lot of cigar wrappers--I noted that I see a lot of cigar wrappers on the ground but no one smoking cigars.  I told Ming how when you smoke a cigar, you're not supposed to inhale.

We have been getting a ton of oyster mushrooms from our yard.  A friend asked me to mail her some of the mushroom medium.  "If I send you a ziplock bag, will you do it?" she asked.

Work started Thursday, and I am making myself a little crazy--just a little--by working too much in order to make up for days I'll miss.

What would you do with a glut of oyster mushrooms?  Mushrooms on toast?  We already did mushroom stroganoff.  I was thinking a stirfry with mushrooms and cabbage and onion, but that just doesn't sound good right now.  I had food bank cornflakes for lunch anyway.

How to depress yourself: google ex-classmates and see how they've all published books and you're scoring standardized tests for peanuts. 

How to happify yourself: google pictures of Chaitanya, like this one.


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