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Sunday, April 07, 2013

april garden

This morning we walked four miles--two miles to our garden at the community garden, then home again.  Here's our garden as it is just today.

We dug up some oregano from that garden to plant at our garden here at home.  It was heavy!  The dirt was heavy.  But Ming carried it, mostly.  The bag's handles broke.  "Do you remember when we were kids and paper bags didn't have handles?" I asked.  Ming said yes.

Also we procured some cookies, and they were amazing, including lavender shortbread.

I want to paint Ming's nails black, and I think that'll happen today.

Our two days in Oakland were pretty good.  Yesterday we spent a couple hours with Ming's son J.  We got ice cream then dinner at Saturn Cafe.  Also we sat on some steps talking.  I spoke very little.  They like to talk about politics and current events.  I ate a vegan breakfast burrito with soyrizo--yum yum yum!


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