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Saturday, March 30, 2013

peace walk stats

Dear World,

I wanted to let you know how much Ming and I walked on the Sacred Pace Walk this year.  Well, last year we walked separately.  This year we walked almost every step side by side, holding hands.  It was good.

Sunday--ten miles on the Strip
Monday--seven miles? through the desert
Tuesday--five miles? through the desert
Wednesday--rest day
Thursday--seven miles through the desert, all pre-lunch (7:10 to 1:10 or so)
Friday--half a mile

So we walked almost 30 miles, which is almost half of all total miles.  I was telling Ming that ten miles in one day is pretty badass, for me.  And even seven miles, when it's through the desert, no shade, and uphill (because it's uphill to the test site) is pretty badass too. 


ps  Ming notes that we're at a higher elevation here too, so it's harder than walking at home.  That makes our stats more impressive.


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