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Friday, April 12, 2013

my art

Yesterday I got my taxes done.  I am so happy that they're done and that I didn't owe.  I also wrote a letter while Ming and Dad watched tv.  Two characters were playing in a ball pit, and one was saying "Bazinga" for some reason I do not understand. 

Last night I dreamt of an infoshop again.  I dreamt this genie was going around with a lamp that emitted incense smoke, and he was granting wishes.  I wanted a genie to come to me.  We were at the infoshop and saw a poster saying that visits from genies were $3.  So Ming paid the $3 and we waited for a genie to find me.  But I never got found.  So we went back and complained, and then a genie did come and find me, but he was an inferior genie.  I was thinking of what I wanted my wish to be.  The wishes were just for fun--the whole thing was just for fun.  What a great dream!

And now I leave you with an image from a collage I made in my art therapy class.  The class is now over, so we got our art to bring home.  This is probably my favorite thing I made the whole 10 weeks.


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