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Friday, May 03, 2013

insomnia, Thai iced tea, mysterious monk

Yesterday I was super social, and it slayed me.  Last night I was over-stimulated and exhausted.  Ming made me dinner, got me water, was nice. 

This morning I've been up since 2.  I tried chatting with someone on a new chat site, but he just wanted "sexy female."  He said he was in the UK but could not fool me because I googled distances, and he's surely not.

This morning it's egg day at free breakfast.  I should go back to bed and wake up in time for getting there right at 7:30 because 8 is too late for eggs. 

The other day they had strawberry milk.  No one knew what that pink liquid was until finally someone verified it was strawberry milk. 

Yesterday late morning I met a friend at Temple II and had Thai iced tea.  I used to be a no caffeine person, but times have changed.  But maybe it's a bad idea.  I want to learn to make my own Thai iced tea decaf.

Ming and I went to the Social Security office to submit some paperwork.  There's an automated check-in machine that gives you a number.  A monk was there, from an order I was unfamiliar with.  Afterward Ming guessed something Greek Orthodox, I think.  He was wearing black but there was a white and gold underside, and he carried a shepherd's crook, and he was wearing black tennies with velcro.  He was with someone, and they spoke English, so who knows.


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