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Thursday, June 06, 2013

crazy / enlightened

The apartment complex's washing machine is broken...again! 

The bread at free breakfast this morning was moldy, but then some other bread was not.  I ate apples & cinnamon oatmeal.  There were teenaged boys volunteering today.

I'm listening to some throat singer monks on tape.  We went see P the other day.  We went through an old box of tapes she didn't want anymore.  I sorted them into piles: church, thrift store, trash, and me.  Went through cds too.  I borrowed back some cds I made her years ago.

This morning at church food giveaway, they were giving away boxes and boxes of precooked chicken rice, which we had to refuse.  But we accepted boxes and boxes of apple sauce in squeeze pouches.  "This is a lifetime supply of apple sauce!" I told Ming.

Later he said, "I hope it's not a lifetime supply of apple sauce."  He wants to outlive the apple sauce supply.

They gave us frozen cinnamon rolls, and I'm baking them in the oven right now.  Also we received strawberries, a red bell pepper, a loaf of bread, some french rolls, some popcorn, two boxes of mac and cheese, a snack bar thing...  I wanted to take some potatoes, but Ming said we have access to our main neighbor's huge potato stash.

I can't tell whether the throat singing monks are making me feel crazy or enlightened or what.  I definitely feel something.


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