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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

spicy green curry with plastic bit, collard greens, newtons, ice cream, upma

Today started out horribly.  We almost went to the beach.  Instead we stayed in town.  We ran some errands--I made copies. 

Then we went out to lunch and there was a piece of plastic in my food.  We got my dish taken off the bill, which was good.  My Thai iced tea was delicious.

Then we went to the art supply store where I got a drawing pen.  Then we went to the library, where I wrote a sad letter to my bestie.

Then we came home and picked collard greens and an onion and some garlic.  We brought these things to church, and Swami gave us some cookies in return.  I thought they were strawberry newtons, but Ming thinks they were apple.

Then we went to this ice cream social at Arden Dimick to kick off summer reading.  We were the only people in line who were not kids or adults with kids.  We were kidless.  We were like, are we allowed to be here?  But it turned out we were allowed to be there.  We filled out these forms about values.  I said the library's main value for me was sharing.  I wrote some socialist stuff.  Go me!  I said how you don't need money to read books or use the computers at the library.  And then I talked about love.

Then we went to this Indian grocery store I like.  I kind of wanted Indian ramen, but we ended up getting upma mix.  I made upma for dinner.  I put in some onion, garlic, and finely chopped collard greens from our back garden.  It tasted delish.


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