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Thursday, June 13, 2013


This morning we helped a friend turn in an application in time.  I printed out four application packets, and each packet was thick.  I don't think my printer had ever seen that kind of action!  The applications were due in Woodland by noon, and we left home around 11:25.  That was cutting it close, considering we had never been to the campus we were delivering the applications to.  But we made it--luckily the administration building was easy to find, and I wandered into the right office. 

"What can I do for you?" a dressed up man asked.

"I need to turn in these applications," I said.

"What kind of applications?" he asked.

"English full-time tenured and English full-time temporary," I said.  He looked at them.

"You need to give them to her," he said, gesturing to the woman who was on the phone. 

"Thanks," I said, wanting her to get off the phone.  It was ten till. 

Finally she got off the phone and held out her hand for the applications.

"Thank you and good luck," she said. 

Then I phoned Ming to see where he was parked.  Then I phoned the friend I did all that for.  If he succeeds in getting the job, he will move to Sacramento. 


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