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Saturday, July 06, 2013


G'morning, world.  Yesterday we were surprise-visited by friends.  They were driving south from Yuba City and could see Sacramento on the horizon when they called.  We toured the backyard garden, showed them what we're growing, showed them the harlequin bugs.  Finally the white yarrow has stood up and flowered, in bed three, which I'm happy about. 

Shoulda taken pictures.  It's fun to take pictures with friends though our camera is poor.  We gave one friend a present of a journal that I got for Christmas years ago and never used because it's leather.  It looks just like the journal he already has.  He was confused opening the present, thinking it was actually his journal.  I used some red and white string as ribbon, and C wore it as a necklace.  They are good-natured friends.

I am happy with the use of my new bookshelf and with the reprieve from the heat wave.  It was only 95 yesterday--what a treat.  And it's only supposed to hit 90 today.  That's great.

After the visit, we went to R's house so I could tutor him.  Ming is my driver and chaperone.  R is doing well but has trouble hearing the difference between certain sounds, like the difference between woman and women.  Ming went through my old toolbox, organizing things I do not know the names of--little metal things that attach to a larger metal thing.  They are all in a row, different sizes.  I gave the toolbox to Erik when we parted ways, and I regret that.  I need to ask him if he wants it back--I borrowed it from him when I thought I needed to take apart the bookshelf to fit it in our truck.

This morning we need to walk while it's cool, and I have a doctor's appointment at 10 at the free clinic because I've been having some bad pain in my left foot that's getting worse.  We have choir practice, and we have bread pickup for Food Not Bombs. 

So that's the near past and the near future.  I can tell my own fortune.


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