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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yesterday we had tremendous fun.  We visited with a new Icarus friend on Mare Island.  He and Ming played pool. 

Then we went to Oakland and spent the day with my good mail friend / zine friend S-N.  It was our first time meeting in person--she lives in Minnesota.  She's around for San Francisco Zine Fest. 

We went to Aunt Mary's for brunch then for a walk at Lake Merritt.  We went to Oakland Museum of California, which is such a great museum.  I like the exhibits a lot, and we didn't ever look at the art--we looked at the history and natural history.  Then we went to College and Ashby to visit a cafe I like and then have dinner at my favorite Indian-Pakistani place. 

It was a full, rich day.  My favorite parts were hello hugs, when S-N looked at the plants we brought her, and photo taking time.


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