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Thursday, October 10, 2013

garden surprise

Day before yesterday Ming and I went to Tallini's and bought three new plants for our community garden plot--two sages and a rosemary.  The sages are clevelandii and pineapple golden delicious.  The rosemary is an upright.  They are good looking.

We had been despairing about this plot.  We were thinking about giving it up.  It's grown so wild.  The yarrow and borrage are taking over.  The New Zealand spinach is spreading.  The oregano is EVERYWHERE.

But we cleared space for these plants.  We put the drought tolerant clevelandii in the back where we water less.  We put the pineapple sage to the right, and the rosemary to the left.  We hope they flourish.

Yesterday we went over there to check things out.  The pineapple sage seems vulnerable.  I wanted to see if the snails got it.  It was fine.  We didn't water because we'd watered well the day before.

Someone in the garden came up to us.  She said, "I just wanted to tell you I love your space.  It's one of my favorites."  I laughed a little.  I think Ming thanked her.  And she walked away.


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