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Monday, October 21, 2013


This morning I went to free breakfast and people were smoking pot in line.  It bothered me extra because I am paranoid about my SSI claim.  I think if I get into any trouble with the law, it will make me ineligible.  Or drug trouble in particular.

Last night I dreamt I had done something illegal having to do with IT and banks.  I was going to jail.  And I was thinking in my dream how I would not get SSI.

Then the day's yogurt was vanilla, not strawberry, which I had never seen before.  Then someone pushed me at the toast station.  I was trying to get my bread in the toaster, and she said, "Don't reach over my food!" and pushed me--I was upset and uncomfortable. 

After that I ate my food and felt like I couldn't handle being there, but I needed to wait for bus tickets to be given out because I get a bus ticket for my neighbor who rides the bus to school.  So I went outside and read old texts on my phone and deleted some. 

Finally it was bus ticket time.  Walking home, someone told me to smile, and I obeyed. 


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