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Sunday, December 01, 2013

not vegan

I searched for a vegan crustless pumpkin pie recipe and couldn't find one that didn't use flax eggs or egg replacer or tofu, got overwhelmed, gave up. 

Then I told Ming I gave up, and he suggested I find a recipe that has eggs in it since we're at my parents' house and there are eggs here.

So I searched again and found a simple recipe including eggs and thought it probably wouldn't turn out because we were using an actual pumpkin and it seemed stringy.  We tired microwaving it longer.  I tried mashing it with a fork...then looked for Mom's immersion blender.  I ended up mashing it with a pastry cutter and Ming's help. 

So we made the pie, and it cooked for an hour.  I guessed at the spices because it called for pumpkin pie spice.  I had no expectations.

But we cut into it just a few minutes ago, and it's delicious. 



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