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Sunday, April 13, 2014

sacred peace walk 2014 day one

This morning the Sacred Peace Walk started.  We met at the Atomic Testing Museum and had prayers.  We got smudged and blessed.  Then Ming and I came back here and did some prep, shopped for a few more foods and ice, did laundry, I had a conference call, and we were late to the park with lunch stuff because of some miscommunication.  But it was okay.

Why am I so tired?  Maybe because I was up anxious in the night.

Here's a pic of about half of us this morning when we first started to circle up.  It was a windy morning and we were in good spirits.

So much I'm not telling you: the random stranger who harangued us over lunch, almost cutting a key, the new peace staff, the duck egg, how the stuff we brought on this trip seems to have multiplied.  We do not travel light.  We brought an extra tent, but what else is our excuse?


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