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Friday, May 23, 2014

shut down Monsanto

This morning we got up hella early to pick up two friends and go to Davis for a shut down Monsanto event.  It was our first time there, so we didn't know what it would be like.  Monsanto, ironically, is right across the street from a Davis community garden with its beautiful sunflowers. 

We got there at 6 am, and there were supposed to be Aztec dancers--I was disappointed there was no dancing.  I held a sign about Monsanto--Ming held a sign about bees.  I felt awkward that it was not a peace event; I sang "This Little Light of Mine" anyway. 

I also felt awkward about the overly-serious white guys wearing all black trying to take control of the situation.  Just because you're an anarchist doesn't mean you have to play anarchist dress-up and smoke so many cigarettes.  Look at me--I'm a stereotype.  Be afraid of me because I might whatever at any moment.  Etc.

That's my gripe.  I liked some of the chanting.  I was leery of the cops at first.  I really didn't want to get arrested today.  I knew I wasn't going to do anything illegal, but sometimes that doesn't matter.  But the cops were okay. 

Our friends from the non-sacred peace walk were there for an hour or so.  I wanted T to teach us "Bella Ciao" and asked her to, but she wanted to talk to people about drones, so hopefully another time. 

Tonight I think we're going to a bridge to see our peacemaking friends do a close Guatanamo event at 5 and after that a party for Sac Veg Society.

And tomorrow's March Against Monsanto at the capital, and Sunday we go to Folsom so I can visit my cousin in prison.  I gotta plan my outfit.  There are so many things not allowed.


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