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Sunday, May 18, 2014

a walk to peace

Yesterday we went to San Francisco for day one of a peace walk from San Francisco to Beale Air Force Base.  We gathered on the SF side of the Golden Gate Bridge and talked for a long time, waiting for our friend T.  Then we walked together to the center of the bridge and back.  It was very windy, the traffic was noisy, and it was emotional. 

I carried MOTHERS SAY NO WAR.  On the backside is a picture of mothers crying.  I've seen the picture before and thought it was famous, but google images isn't giving it to me.

Then the walk went along the shore to the Ferry Building.  But I got very tired around Fort Mason, and we peeled off.  We walked toward Russian Hill, where we were parked.  Altogether we walked about four miles, which was enough to tire me out.

I felt a little guilty for not being able to walk the whole day's walk, but I also felt happy for the good experiences I shared with friends.


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