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Monday, June 30, 2014

ALA day four of four

There are all sorts of vendors at the ALA confernece in addition to the book ones, library tech ones, library info ones, government ones, etc. 

There's a booth of Navajo women selling jewelery.  I bought some earrings from them for $12.  They're small and two greens in an interesting pattern.  I will show them to you another day. 

Anyway, yesterday I tried for about an hour to get one in my left earhole, and I couldn't find the back.  This has happened to me before.  I can tell it still goes through...

Also I think the second hole on my right ear is closed up completely.  I am not brave enough to get wounded again.  So I think I'm done getting pierced.

Yesterday I took an hour off to do the weekly Icarus support call.  I think it was really good for me.  I got some sunlight though it was hot out.  I need to process that Vitamin D. 

I felt supported and listened to by my friend C on the phone.  We are good at doing two-person calls though at first it was awkward.

In some ways a two person call may actually be the best.

Parking is $10 a day here.  Unfortunately, the expenses add up.  But I remain really glad we've done this because I like to try new things.


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