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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

bad joke

This morning we did Las Vegas things: served the hungry, talked to friends, washed dishes at the Catholic Worker house.  We got there early and heard prayer.  Our loved friend M showed us the psalm he's been reading. 

He wants a copy of the vegan cookzine.  Unfortunately, we didn't bring any.  I will send him one in the mail.

J showed us her garden.  She's getting beautiful cucumber flowers but no cucumbers.  I said she should hand-pollinate them.  She has nice tomato plants with only one tomato.  We watched her harvest her first eggplants.  They are Chinese eggplant, the long thin kind.

Cool indoors with the swamp cooler.  Yesterday we did laundry.  It dried fast.  It reminded me of the joke that it was so hot and dry, the person hanging their wash hung it then immediately took it down.  In the order it was hung, first up first down.

That reminds me of another joke--bridge painters.  A bridge was so big that as soon as the painters got to the end, it was time to start over at the other end. 

An unrelated joke is one I told Ming last night when I was looking out the window.  Once there was a person who was born c-section.  He was like other people, but when he left the house, he liked to climb out the window instead of walking out the door.  Is that a bad joke?  I think it's kind of funny but sad.


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