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Friday, July 11, 2014

too much

I am overwhelmed by people to write back to.  I'm on this website where strangers can write to one another, and I think I need to take my address down.  So many letters, postcards, zines.  Too many people to keep track of. 

Last night I tabled for four hours at GATHER in Oak Park and the music was too loud, but it was okay.  I got to talk to my friend who's an artist.  And I met someone too, someone who makes origami earrings out of Japanese subway maps.  There were a lot of little kids.

I want to bake some cookies, but it's hot.  I don't have the right energy at the right time.

I remember telling someone that baking cookies is a big commitment.  She thought I was wrong and baking a cake is a big commitment.  I think cookies is more because you have to do dozen after dozen.  It's multi-step.  Cakes are so much easier.


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