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Monday, July 07, 2014

good day on the Central Coast

This morning Ming and I went to the beach.  We went to Avila and walked along a creek for a while.  We saw some turkey vultures.  Some kids were taking surfing lessons.  Some other kids were doing calisthenics. 

We sat for a while on the sand  We just talked.

Walking by the creek, Ming noticed a little plastic dog.  I picked it up and brushed off the sand.  I put it in my pocket.  I want to take an old toothbrush to it and keep it.  I will try to remember to take a pic for you.

Then we went to Avila Barn and looked at the animals.  A highlight was seeing a baby llama nursing.  We were waiting for it to be done so we could see its face.  Finally the momma stepped forward and the baby stopped nursing.  It was cute.  I liked looking at them.

Ming bought us some turnovers.  Then he had some roasted corn.  I ate three bites. 

Then we went to the Loading Dock in old Orcutt.  We looked at antiques.  There was a stall of the antique mall that had old photos and postcards.  Surprisingly, the postcards were almost all 25 cents.  So I bought some and already sent one with a picture of orange trees on it to my bestie in Arcata.


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