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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger here again. We just returned from a rained out Vaisakhi Mela. The Indian food was delicious and the dancing great before we had to run and escape through the falling cold sleet.

Before then was a Nevada Desert Experience Council meeting that was successful, though I volunteered for one too many things.

Other than that we are settling in to Las Vegas spending the last month getting things done that will help our stay in the state of Nevada. We received our Nevada state driver's licenses, made medical type appointments, and been cleaning this residence out of a number of years of accumulated stuffs. We also have been creating storage space in the shed to store the Sacred Peace Walk equipment and other event items.

Tomorrow we are waving bye to Nuclearism in the GlobalWave2015 at the NNSS. I hope to post pics.


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