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Sunday, May 17, 2015

bread research

This morning we went to a French bakery.  They had an amazing amount of treats.  And some bread.  We are researching good bread in Las Vegas.  In Sacramento there was an Iraqi bakery that won our hearts.  So we are looking for something here.

I got something called a Napoleon?  It was three layers of flakey pastry stuff with some layers of yellowish creamy stuff and some frosting on top.  Wow, it's good.  It was a huge piece too, so I still have some.  Ming got a blueberry pastry that he gave me a bite of and it's delicious.

We got bread and a rose-flavored cookie.  The bread is so so.  Not my favorite.  I haven't tried the rose cookie yet.

Then we shopped for this dinner, this community dinner.  We're cooking--I'll make pesto pasta salad, garlic lover's pasta salad, and some tomato red pepper soup from Trader Joe's.  And some raspberry sorbet from Trader Joe's.

That's the plan, anyway.  I wanted some bread to go with the soup.  That's why we were researching local bread.  But we have to keep looking, I guess.


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